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A Night Wasted

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Across the country, teenagers as young as 13 are heading out to an event or having their own parties without quality practical information on how to stay as safe as possible. Some of the possible questions they should be thinking about are as follows:

• Am I going to tell my parents where I am going?
• What should I take when I go out?
• What should I do if alcohol/drugs are available?
• What are my friends going to say/do?
• How am I getting home?
• Making the right choices about going to a celebration

Naomi Oakley has used her experience as former police officer and providing security at teenage parties, to create a new seminar presentation for secondary school students called ‘A Night Wasted’. A parent seminar is also offered to schools to ensure that parents’ concerns and questions are also addressed.

Some of the practical tips Naomi offers to parents are:

• Get involved in your child’s social activities
• Know where they are if they are staying at someone else’s house
• Offer some practical party planning advice
• Always ensure there is adequate adult help and security at parties

“Before you let their teenagers head off to a party, parents need to make sure they find out who is having the party, how many parents are present and what level of crowd control there is before they let them go. It is worth it to ensure their child is safe,” Naomi says.

“One 14-17 year-old dies as a result of alcohol every weekend,” said Paul Dillon, Director of Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA).” No parent ever thinks it will be their child that it happens to but I meet those who have lost their children and they never forgive themselves for not doing more to find out more about the party their teen attended that night.”

Steve McGhie, General Secretary of Ambulance Employees Australia-Victoria, supports Naomi and the initiative. “Paramedics attend many alcohol-fuelled events which includes parties, functions and motor vehicle accidents. They are confronted with people that can be unconscious due to the amount of alcohol they have consumed, they can be caught up in someone under the influence being aggressive and violent towards them and in fact may assault them.

Naomi is the Victorian director of the Security Providers Association of Australia Limited (SPAAL) a national association for security providers. SPAAL supports the initiative as a preventive action plan to ensure teenager safety at parties.

A Night Wasted
A Night Wasted - Unome Security


A Night Wasted Presentation

Naomi Oakely – Industry Expert

The Reality

A Night Wasted Presentation demonstrates what really can happen to our kids if we don’t provide them with important and factual real life Information.
We can guarantee that this will be a presentation that won’t be forgotten.

A bit about me . . .

  • A Former Police Member of 12 years
  • 8 years providing security for over teenage 800 parties
  • A mother of teenagers,
  • Private Security Trainer
  • State Representative for SPAAL

(Security Providers Association of Australia)



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